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Substituted Service on the Florida Secretary of State

There are several statutes under which you may make substituted service on the Florida Secretary of State for an individual or for a business entity. However, service may not be made on the Secretary of State for a corporation with a valid and available Registered Agent.

When serving the Secretary of State, they request that you provide the following:

Do not put the name of the person holding the office of Secretary of State on any document. The process should be directed as follows:

To: Name of Entity or Individual
By Serving: Florida Secretary of State
Pursuant to F.S.§ __________ ( give statute number here)
2661 Executive Center Circle, W.
Tallahassee, FL 32399

The Secretary of State's office will send process back to you, without acceptance, if you fail to state the statute number for service or do not include their check.  Read  paragraphs 161 - 181 in  Chapter 48, Florida Statutes to determine the proper statute.

Unlike some states, process for corporations cannot be simply served on the Florida Secretary of State.  This is only permitted if no agent can be found for service.  If you have made no previous attempts to serve the corporation, check the Department of State, Division of Corporation's website to see if a registered agent exists.  Here, you can search for information on Corporations, Sole-Proprietorships/Fictitious Names, Limited Liability & General Partnerships, as well as UCC & Federal Lien Registrations.